Sunday, February 22, 2009

Petals & Feathers I, Done!

One down, two to go! The applique pieces are flannels and wools and I even embellished with my favorite hand dyed buttons by Hillcreek Designs (Itsy-Bitsy, Shades of Scarlet) I like my berries dimensional, if you know what I mean... I was "posing" it all over the place and I can think of way too many places for it to go, so I'm shipping it off to a new home. It's just too cute to keep it all to myself. I'll just have to make a new one.
Once you get past the piecing, it just comes together in no time. Even the little embroidery was fast and easy.
I have kits available for this pattern on my website, I only have two left though so don't procrastinate!
Hope your weekend is full of Petals & Feathers, or other quilting pleasures... anything but shoveling snow! LOL!
PS. Maybe I should have used a lint remover before I took the pic, eh? oh, well....


Anonymous said...

Sooo sooo sooo soo cute!!
You've been a very productive little Brenda over there! =)

Christine said...

Tooo cute!!!!! I like that a lot!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

It is a cutie, love the mix of reds in your border. Hey....I see you are in the March Shop-Hop. Best wishes in that...keep up the good work, you are a busy spring bee.

Jess said...

I love the colors! Red is my Fave!! Its so Spring! it warms you right up!