Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Working Here!

Yes, I did say I was "moving on" to the next project but I bet you thought I meant "later". Well, I'll have you know that I am on a piecing roll ...see that pieced border right there? "How'd ya' like them apples? " Pretty spiffy , if I should say so myself, LOL! But NO, I will not divulge how long it took me to make that little quilt because I am not your average quilter. I have special piecing disabilities. I shall call myself, "piecing impaired", LOL! I included the scissor in the picture so you could see the actual size of that baby....yes, it really is that small.... and I still wont say how many HOURS it took me to piece that border. But I shall continue on my piecing mission; one down, two to go; and yes, I WILL hang these by the weekend, even if I have to express mail them to Sandy in TX so she can finish piecing the freakin' borders, LOL!
Hope you're all having fun.... I'm sure trying! B=)


trash said...

It is like those ghastly travel stories people love to share - hideous at the time but looking back you can see just how much 'fun' you had.

I have my fingers crossed for this weekend!

WoolenSails said...

I need to try some mini quilts. It would be fun to make them to go with handmade dolls too.


Julie said...

I have gotten lazy at piecing too. Your little quilt is very cute.
Say hello to GP for me from Julie in Alabama.