Monday, February 23, 2009

Table Warmer, Done!

A few months ago Joanna came over with some of her projects for an impromptu show and tell and she had made two little Xmas quilt tops. One in the light and bright that she is so fond of ( you can see her completed mini here!), and one in darker muted shades that she knows I like. Needless to say, I was in love. A pieced top with loads of little blocks that would take me so long to piece I would never even start it. Well, I traded her two charm packs and got myself a pieced top, woo-hoo! I had it tucked away somewhere and today while looking for something else, I found it and I just couldn't put it down until I finished it. Isn't it the cutest little table warmer? I added the tan border and the gorgeous (Ok, so maybe it's just gorgeous to me...but I can say that, even if you don't "get" what's so gorgeous about it, right?) floral binding and backing from some REALLY old fabric I had been stashing away for something read 2003 on the "label"/bottom of the fabric. I didn't even quilt back then, but I did collect fabric (just one of my many quirks, LOL!) and it was so perfect. Anyway, I just had to share my little treasure. It only measures 15.5" x 10.75". Now to find a special place for it....HMMM


Joanna said...

Wow! You did it!! What a shock to look at your blog and see something I looks great all finished up - and it will fit in your home so much better than mine!! I have actually pieced another one the same using those charm packs you gave me - it's very Spring-like. Perhaps I should hurry and finish it up so I can use it this year lol!!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

I wish I could quilt! You do such beautiful work. Can't wait to see future projects!