Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm freezin' here!

I don't know if anyone has noticed this counter I added to my blog as soon as I started feeling like Winter was never going to end. But even if no one else noticed, I'll have you all know that I am REALLY counting down to Spring. Not for bunnies, not for chocolates...but I just know this cold weather will stop. It just has to, I can't take it much longer! ARGH! That's all I had to say...now back to my igloo... Can someone pass me the cheese??? Thanks!


Sheri Howard said...

I totally understand how you feel. The weather here in Idaho has been slightly warmer, in the
30's (ha, ha) but the wind was blowing today. I love it when the wind blows this time of year, it helps the snow melt....YEAH, Sumday will be MARCH!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I am SO ready for spring, too.

Thanks for stopping by to see me. I enjoyed seeing your lovely quilting projects☺

Strlady said...

Um.. yeah. It's 70 today here in Tx. You can catch me on the uptake when it's a smoldering 105 in the summer and you have a wonderful 85 degrees up there.

Jess said...

I was going to brag... But Sandy took care of that for me! THANKS! Hey you have some free time coming up... you can always come and enjoy the nice weather along w/ some peace and quiet.