Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Frightfully HOT in NH!

I don't know if it's hot in your corner of the world but here in NH it is sizzling. In order to keep myself from having a Hot Flash induced coronary I decided to stay in the house, roll down the shades, crank up the AC and pretend it's Fall. Oh, and of course I had to have the Pumpkin scented candles going too...hey, I was going to have some cider but all I could find was margarita mix (wrong season!) While in Seasonal hibernation I made this cutie to share...yep, another great Patch Abilities pattern, Fright Night. This one is leaving the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow but kits will be posted soon. Stay tuned for more Frightful Fun...and don't forget, only 103 days till Halloween, Woo-Hoo!
Maybe I'll make a mad dash from the back door into the kiddie pool tomorrow, if it's not too hot! LOL!

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