Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And the Winner is....

All entries and extra credits were written on a piece of paper. Put in a Pumpkin Basket, of course, and my handy dandy helper Gene Paul has selected his "winner"...
Drum Roll, please!
Tada! It's T from Fiber Babble! Way to go T!
Congratulations on your great win!!!


Fiber Babble said...


I'm just bouncing around, trying to figure out who to neener-neener FIRST! LOL!

Oh, I know that's terrible. I don't hardly enter any "contests", and I certainly don't ever WIN (reminds me of the state lottery commercials - "you can't win if you don't play"). I just couldn't resist on the Sand Castles, though.

I appreciate that you've wandered a little through my blog (thanks for the quilting comment - it's either a gift or a curse, depending on my deadline!!), so I guess you might have figured that Sand Castles isn't necessarily my "style", but it grabbed me for some reason.

I just can't stop grinning. Mr. W. is starting to wonder what I'm up to... thanks so much!!

Jess said...

These pictures are so good!! GP's fingers look so cute!!!