Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tree Removal, Done!

TADA! The tree guys chopped up the fallen branches (turns out there were two in the mess) and the one that had fallen last week, which was still there since it has been raining and I was waiting for the other "shoe" to drop. Good thing I did too, because it was a biggie, LOL! Now doesn't that look so much better???? And Gino will never know, LOL! I've already scheduled the thinning out/trimming. Hopefully after that it will grow strong and tall. And no more falling branches! Whew!


Jess said...

Looks brand new! Noone would ever know!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely all trimmed up and clean. What in the world would cause a tree to do that? It looks so big and strong!?

Love all your new quilty projects they look fun fun fun!!

WoolenSails said...

With the weather we have been having, i can see why.
I was watching the news and there was a funnel forming right down the road the night before, good thing I didn't know;)


Susan in SC said...

Your pool looks so nice and inviting!