Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pool Steps, Done!

Guess what we (yes, I did help!) did today... Gino and I set up the pool steps. Wow, now that was a very time consuming job but we managed to get it done in half a day. Woo-HOO! I actually had only a small part in this installation but it was the wet part. I was to get in the pool and adjust the liner and hold the steps in place while they were connected to the outside ones... pretty easy if you ask me. GP joined me in the freezing water but he was NOT helping, he was splashing, argh!!! It was fun and now we are ready for a heat wave... or just some more sunshine would be nice.=) Hope your day was fun too!


Susan in SC said...

What nice steps! I know they will be enjoyed!

Joanna said...

Woo Hoo!! Does this mean a pool party is in order??!!

Charlie P said...

Ah, Brenda! I'm so glad you found me at the Pigeon Loft because otherwise I would never have found your blog which I enjoy SO much! I've just been catching up after a long break and your anecdotes have had me laughing and smiling away to myself :-) I love GP's "supporting the local economy" story in particular! And I can't believe you met Kaffe Fassett! Lucky lady ;-)