Thursday, October 2, 2008

We have a Winner!

I had a giveaway this week for the ladies on my Yahoo Group. The prize was a Last Leaves Quilt Kit and all they had to do was post a pic of what they were working on and tell us a little bit about it. Well, GP chose a winner tonight and he was very excited to document it. He even took a movie of me cutting the strips to put into the bowl. He is most certainly a thorough historian, not wanting to miss any part of the process. He was telling me I needed to "shuffle the papers" before I put the strips in the bowl; then he told me, when I asked him to pick a paper, "Wait! First I close the eyes tight!" and so he did and Whala! We have a Winner!
Oh, It would be nice to see what the kit looks like, eh? DUH... never mind me, just a little brain dead tonight, LOL! This is a pic of my finished quilt. Are you lovin' those little birds or what? They are handmade polymer clay buttons from Just Another Button Company. They are sweet as candy. =)


Jess said...

I love the one you made! I love orange!

Julie said...

Angela is a lucky girl! said...

Love your blog! And that pumpkin with the little leaves & birds, how adorable! Hugs, Mary