Monday, October 6, 2008

25 Days Till Halloween!

I received the most inspiring email this morning from Tracy over at Fiber Babble. She told me that she had seen this project and thought of me. Well, I followed her link and OMG! Check this out! Is this the coolest thing ever?
Crafty Chris (as I shall now refer to her) over at Just Another Girl has the coolest little boxes, and she shares the instructions in a tutorial so we can all make our own; Woo-HOO! You KNOW I'm heading to AC Moore to buy some Halloweenie papers and make me some of those cool boxes! Thanks so much Tracy for leading the way: I am lovin' these!


Julie said...

Oh so cute.

Sweet P said...

Those are cute boxes. I can see them being used for Christmas countdown (with a change of design though)