Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

This morning when I looked in the mirror I realized I was having a bad hair day. Not your average,"I must do something about my hair" day, but a REAL bad hair day! OK, so what happened was that I went to one of those "drive by" haircut places, yep, the ones that you pull in, get a haircut, hand them a $20 and leave. No, they don't massage your head, offer manicures, pedicures or lattes. You get a smile, a haircut and a wave in 20 minutes or less. =) Yep, that's my style. My $75 haircut days are way behind me. Now if they can laugh when GP says "No more conversation. You need to use the buzzer now." I am happy and get my haircut while he gives his teenage stylist directions. Do they hire anyone over the age of 20? I don't think so,LOL!
Anyway, when I looked in the mirror this morning I had a Cindy Lauper know the one ...the one from "Girls just wanna have fun!". The one where one side has hair and one is practically shaved off. Yep, that was me! LOL! I have to tell you, a few years ago I would have had a cow, a stroke...gone on a killing spree... but I tell you, I just couldn't stop laughing...OMG! It was freakin' hilarious. Now how the heck had I not noticed this "little" problem with my hair? Well, easy...I didn't look! GP was done with his haircut and I was just making sure he didn't exit the place so while I was sitting staring at the mirror, I was looking at GP who was standing right behind me at the checkout counter. When she asked me if it was
good, I just said "thank you" and went to collect my son. Came home, and that was that... so this morning I look at my hair and thought it was pillow head, and just proceeded to shower and towel dry. "Yep, looks good" I thought, and then after it was dry, I just happened to catch a glimpse of myself and said, "OMG, it wasn't the pillow. I'm having a bad hair day! " ROFLOL! Anyway, no pictures of the bad hair. I had it fixed. the girl that did GP yesterday was there and fixed it for me. She had a good laugh too.
Well, after I had my hair "done" I went to my favorite florist "Shaw's" For you out of town people, that's my local Supermarket! and bought myself some flowers. Nope, no groceries...just flowers! Aren't they gorgeous?! I deserved them. I just realized I have done a little more growing up and, let me tell you, it feels good not to sweat the small stuff! Hope you have a good day and can laugh at yourself too. Enjoy!
PS. You can hear Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on my Playlist. Hope it makes you smile. =)


Economic Analyst said...
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wonderwoman said...

i think we've all had hair disasters at least once! good for you for buying flowers - its nice to treat yourself now and again!!

the hair will grow!!!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your attitude! I feel the same way - hair will grow and I don't get bent out of shape if it's an "off" week for my hairdresser. blessings, marlene

lej619 said...

I understand also but I just can't make myself go to those fly by night hair cutters.
I used them for my kids when they were little and now I do it for them.Well one of them anyways.He has a buzz cut pretty much.