Friday, March 21, 2008

My Prince is in Paradise!

My nest is empty and I can't think straight!
My little Prince is off to a Caribbean vacation with my husband and I'm losing my mind. I can't sleep, I can't finish a thought and I am getting nothing done! The whole idea of staying behind was having time to myself, to complete all these things that I keep putting off because I am caring for him. Yet now that he is off in paradise, very well cared for (as I can clearly see from this picture I just received via email) and perfectly happy, I am getting nothing done. I'm sad and instead of getting up and "doing" all these great "me" things, I'm moping around and missing him. Woe is me!


Mar said...

OK, stop wallowing! *VBG* What is first on your list of this to get done? Gotta hurry, they will be back before you know it!!

Brenda said...

I know...I'm such a big Baby! I started painting a Santa Dummy Board and hope to finish it today or tomorrow. Stay Tuned for pics!