Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Claiming your Right to Vote!

I had to share this great picture of my youngest sister, Jessy. I have for years been preaching to all who will listen the importance of voting. As a young woman I took for granted how important it really was to get get out and vote. I assumed "they" (whomever was in office) would do what was best for "me". OK, so this is totally ridiculous; but I bet my last dollar that I was not alone...
I had a great Dad who took care of me. My Mom took care of the home and my Dad took care of the outside world. I never had to worry about taxes, property value, women's right to choose, who is paying for someone else's choice to have a gazillion kids and stay home while I paid her rent and her groceries. Back then that was the it would be who is paying for all the services we need at home while we are spending all the money on war!
Then, I went to College, graduated and went to work. It didn't take long for me to wonder why I took home only 66% of my salary! HMMM...I actually spent a few months figuring out the exact percentage and yes, it was 66%! I was outraged. I go to work every day and "my part" is 34% of my salary. No mortgage, no!
Well, as a grown up I have figured out that the only way to make sure your opinion is heard is to VOTE! If you don't vote, speak up, let yourself be counted,and heard...then you have no business whining and complaining.
I don't care who you vote for, if you are a Democrat or a Republican. If you have a point of view and believe in democracy, then you need to get out there and VOTE!
This brings me back to my sister. She is only 30, single, a working professional and is getting involved. I'm so proud! I remember changing her diapers...and now she is out there cheering for her candidate at a Political Rally. When did she grow up?! I hope all the daughters and young women growing up in this time of turmoil will stand up and speak their mind...Encourage your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins... all the girls in your life, to Vote!
After all, it is their world too!


Jess said...

I would have taken a better picture if I knew it was going international! :o) XOXO LOVE YA

Brenda said...

You always look beautiful! :-)