Sunday, March 23, 2008

GP's New Additions!

Gene Paul has new pets waiting for him. They came in the mail yesterday; and I'm so excited you'd think I was the new pet owner, LOL! They are so tiny...I placed them on the cutting mat to make sure everyone could see just how small they really are. The green one seemed to stretch to make himself taller and yet he still measures 1.5" in length. How cute is that?! They are just "new frogs" for now. Gene Paul will name then when he comes home. So far he has had frogs named Arlington, Boylston, Prudential & Thunder Clap. TC is still with us but all three previous Bostonian's are in Froggie Heaven. Hope these stay in the family awhile... they're so cute!


~*~ said...

OH NO!!!! No more frogs *twitch* when is gene coming back from la isla?

Brenda said...

Two more weeks of empty nesting for me; so sad (for me!)