Friday, December 10, 2010

It's a Celebration!

My Facebook page has reached a milestone.
I have over 4000 followers and I think that's a great reason to celebrate, don't you? So in the sprit of Christmas, I am parting with one of my favorite little quilts and shipping it off to the lucky winner. This is not a kit, this is an actual finished Holiday Tree quilt, made by me!
This wonderful little quilt was made with love and much attention to detail. It is flannel on cotton, embellished with handmade polymer clay buttons and comes with it's own little vintage hanger (although I did put a sleeve on it too, I'm good like that, LOL!).
My image is too long for FB so I am posting it here but to enter the giveaway please leave your comment on my Facebook page. If you're not a follower yet just use this link:
Go To Pumpkin Patch Primitives Facebook Page!
I will draw a winner on Sunday. Please remember, to enter the drawing your comment will have to be posted on FB, not here.Thank you to all who read my musings and join in the fun. I truly do appreciate your company. B=)