Sunday, March 29, 2009

One More Peep!

I told you I had two Peeps on make this weekend. Here's the second one:This one has a homespun backing and binding along with a Woolly Flower and Teeny-Weeny hand dyed buttons. And that concludes my crafting operations for this weekend. Now I have to get to work...bummer! But two little quilts in as many days is not bad. Now I have to make one for myself though because I already mailed out Peep#1 and this one is leaving tomorrow....hmmm, maybe I can make one after homeschool tomorrow, that would be cool. Oh, I think I have a plan! Woo-HOO!


Julie said...

The peeps are so cute!

Strlady said...

I love my peep! I can't wait for it to arrive!!