Sunday, March 1, 2009

Needle Case, done!

I'm still working on my piecing! I even joined a piecing pincushion swap...JIC you missed that yesterday. Today I had planned on making a pincushion for my swap buddy but it was just not meant to be. I ended up making a needle case, again! I don't know what it is with me and needle cases. I think I secretly have a "thing" for them. They're just so cute!
Anyway, behold the "I'm so handsome" needle case!
The needles are for reference... see how tiny that thing is? It's just so cute!
Now let's see the inside:
Did you see my fancy piecing? The strips match up perfectly...just like Sandy taught me! Oh, and see that wonderful wool felt insert with the fancy stitching? Woo-HOO!And yes, that is a hand dyed button from Hillcreek Designs that I stitched there to close it
and I even found a tutorial online to learn how to make that buttonhole on the left...
Now isn't that fancy? I'm showing off, can you tell? LOL!
And before I lose your attention here's the back...notice how the button does NOT show on the outside????AHEM, just thought I'd point that out. Oh, I'm just on a roll aren't I? I'm so bad! Anyway. I just thought I'd share my crafty pieced, crafty creation that is! OK, now you can laugh, it's wont hurt my feelings...really. =)


Dawn said...

Your needle case is darling...I love the fabrics!!

wonderwoman said...

your needlecase is just great - lovely colours and perfect sewing!


Kim said...

It's a great needlecse..I have learned something about you Brenda.. I knew you did alot of appliques of course.. I didn't realize you don't piece! I love your choice of fabric.. I have a quilt in process with the same fabric.. Keep piecing you will love it.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG I love that needlecase. But that pincushion above..........OMG that is tiny.

frutejuce said...

Well what a lovely needle case. How strange I should come across your blog today. Just last night I discovered I needed a needle book. It is lovely and my OH was just not sharing the love. I had to wait until my daughter came over today.