Friday, June 13, 2008

Storage Container Challenge Day 3

On my third day of Sweet P's Container Challenge I've decided to show another container I use for Threads. I have to admit that I LOVE collecting threads. I match my threads to my pieces and I have different weights or different tasks which only means I need to store LOTS of spools. This is another thread container, it's a Longaberger basket filled to the brim with threads. Oh, and that little Bunny? Well, that's Fiona! Anne Sutton (from Bunny Hill Designs) sent her to me this week. Is she the cutest thing or what?! She's so tiny...and she has an embroidered flower on her little shirt! I must find her a special place before Pepper The Puppy Dog carries her away to her pile of plushies!


bingo~bonnie said...

Your link was the first I clicked on to see SweetP's contest... and I love your Longaberger Basket!!! What a lot of thread you have there and easy to see with the clear protector.

I'm gonna have to find my broken camera and see if I can get it to work so I can join the contest.

Love from Texas!

Sweet P said...

I love your Longaberger basket! That's a great way to store threads.