Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First Storage Container!

Sweet P. over at Coffee Time Quilt Studio is having a Contest/giveaway. She wants to see our storage containers and I thought, "I'd love to show you some of my containers!" Here's my first one.This is actually a candle jar given to me by my sister when she moved away. No, she didn't give me a candle in the container, she enjoyed the candle and then used the jar as a container for something in her home. When she moved away she decided she could not see it go to waste and since she could not take it with her, she gave it to me! I had just started my quilting journey and needed a place to put all the "stuff" that came with my new Bernina Sewing I stuffed it in the jar and whala! I have had it on the table for two years now and use it regularly (I switch from the 1/4" to the blanket stitch foot almost daily when I work on any little project.) The weird thing is that I still think of her each time I clean up my space and put it where it belongs.
I think it will never be MY jar, it'll always be Sandy's Jar!

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Sweet P said...

I like your "candle" container. It is a wonderful way to think of your sister often. Your name is in the drawing.