Monday, June 29, 2009

That Tree is going to be the Death of ME!

Remember how the tree branch fell on the pool guy a few weeks ago? I had to shell out $100 just to clear it out of the yard and have the pool cleaned? HA! Look what I found yesterday morning. UGH! I think I have a little black rain cloud hovering over the Ash Tree! Gino took one look at it and said, "I think it wants to go". I want to shake it and see if anything else will fall before I call the Tree guys again and fork over the $$$. That tree is going to be the death of me! ARGH!


Strlady said...

I would tell you to just cut the darn tree but it really gives the yard just the right amount of shade. Alas, if the branches keep falling you will have no say in it!

Sheri Howard said...

I hope not literally!!!Maybe it is time to move on to recycle your tree to mulch....prepay mother earth!

Deb said...

in Ontario we have the Ash beetle and it has killed most of our Ash is sad with all the green surronding these majestic trees.. maybe a good trim would ease your pain.. I know it takes more quilting money outta your pocket but you don't want your olympic swimmer to get hurt.. good luck