Friday, March 11, 2011

Nothing but Roosters in the Pumpkin Patch

I'm a woman on a mission. My mission is simple, to make it through this Winter. Wow, what a rough week. Ever have one of those weeks when it's nothing in particular, just the sum of all parts? I supposed we all have them.
This week was full of challenges that I somehow manages to survive but let's just recap the good: we had a sunny Tuesday. And how the heck do I remember that? It was the only sunny day this week, that's how! The bad: The week began with a rainstorm that made my bathroom roof leak and then dentist left me with a throbbing tooth that still hurts after four days. The ugly: I tried a new stylist and she gave me a REALLY bad haircut! Well that's when I just decided that I was done. I would just call it a week! It was so bad I had to go out and buy some Jelly Belly Beans. You know it's bad if I make a special trip to the mall to buy Jelly Belly Beans... Yeah, it was a rough week, but it's Friday so I am putting it behind me and moving on to show and tell. This is what I did this week while I was waiting for the stars to align themselves again, I worked on some roosters. Gotta love Craft Therapy.
Here's Rooster #7 Rooster#8Rooster #9: I think I might actually have these done before the end of the month. Only three more to go!!!
I decided to redo one of the roosters because I just realized that in order to keep the backgrounds in the same order as the pattern I would have to have a rooster facing the wrong way, and my OCD just wont allow that kind of transgression. I'm bad like that... so, I am now redoing it. No biggie. I think I'll be done with all the applique by next week, now if I could only get motivated to put them all together, that might be the hardest part of this project. HMMM. I have to psyche myself up for that. Piecing is just not my thing. Gotta work on that. ;)
Hope your work was not a total bust too. I know my sun must be hanging out somewhere so if you have it, please do send it back...
PS: If you'd like to start your own Seeing Roosters quilt,


Lynn Barbadora said...

Craft therapy always works! Love the roosters...but then again you know that! YUP having that ROOSTER facing the wrong way would have been a real violation in my book.......great minds think alike! I'll send you sun!

Sharon said...

So true! Craft therapy is always a great thing. Hope your sun is shining today!

Barb said...

These roosters are just fabulous.....sorry about the bad hair cut, great news is, it grows out....mine grows really fast, hope yours does too.

WoolenSails said...

Love the dark against the dyed wools.
I need to do some dying, good idea to think of colors I can use as blocks.


sunnisandy said...

I love the roosters Brenda, anyway they are done is great they speak for themselves.
Hope your getting some sun today we had some this morning and now in the afternoon, here is hoping it is traveling NE!

Jenny said...

This is cocka-doodle-cool! Glad craft therapy is still working for ya.