Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Quick Update!

I've been busy. Homechool is back in session, GP is up to his old tricks trying to weasel out of work and watching for the next holiday. I'm up before dawn and finding I need more time to play catch up. Oh, life is good. Busy hands are happy hands is what I say.
But it's not all work and no play around here. Last weekend I paired up with Ms Troublemaker herself, Lynn (Painting Thymes Needfuls), whom I just happened to meet in Blogland (and folks wonder why blogging is so much fun, duh! You meet people without leaving home, hello?!)
Anyway, we went on a Road trip out to the boonies, to a place called Country Mischief...and look what I found... (No, that handsome guy actually lives in my house. The cabinet, the cabinet's what I brought home!) Isn't it the bomb? GP was so happy with his new addition that he actually helped me carry it up to his room, without me having to resort to the "Mom is so old, she needs help" story. And now it's just waiting for a couple of toggles to make sure it doesn't pull the plaster right off the wall. It's wayyyy heavy.
Anyway, I have loads more to share but I'm running low on pictures. I really have to get better at taking pictures. I'll take pics of my new wood Fall decorations and post them soon.
Hope you're having fun too. The weekend is coming up and I'm heading to Rhode Island for another trip to Brown and Hopkins Country Store, OMG! Put that place on your destination list, and bring your spending $$$ because you're not likely to leave empty handed. I'm psyched!
Gotta run, but I'll be back soon! Have fun, B=)


quiltingnana said...

great little cabinet....don't you just love shopping trips like that

Lynn Barbadora said...

Caught again! Ummmmmmmm Who's calling who a troublemaker?Partners in crime is more like it!

Needled Mom said...

That is a great little cabinet, but the shopping outing sounded even better.

mtquilter said...

How great to have those prim shops close by and a friend to go along that enjoys them as much as you do! The cabinet is a great find.

Cat Haven Craft House said...

Love your find! Fantastic!

WoolenSails said...

If you are going to the browns store, you can drive a few more minutes and hit, All things wonderful, you will love that store too. It is a huge barn with a lot of new prim downstairs, by rooms and upstairs is all antique and craft vendors.


sunnisandy said...

brenda i am so sad i am reading this late, i live 7 minutes from brown and hopkins! it would have been so nice to meet up with you to chat! did you end up getting anything interesting? i love the cabinet you did get, i'll bet it looks just perfect in your house! be well!

Charlie P said...

Beautiful cabinet! The homeschooling zone looks great too, you have a talent for interior design!

Many thanks for educating me on what a sloppy joe is too- I forever hear them mentioned in US shows, but never knew what they were. Looks very tasty :-)