Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hooray, It's National Underwear Day!

I am sooo not kidding. I can't possibly make this stuff up. A company called, wait for it... FRESH PAIR (No, I am NOT kidding, the company IS named Fresh Pair and NO, GP is not the president) started celebrating NUD eight years ago.
Isn't that a timely celebration?
Dollars to doughnuts GP will ask for the day off, LOL! (If you are a new reader you should know that my son is Irish, Jewish, and Christian, depending on what holiday needs to be obseved... if there was a National Chicken Day on the calendar he would be a chicken and want the day off from Homeschool!)
I wonder if they're having a sale on White Fresh Underwear...HMMMM.
Better go check that out now, JIC! HAHAHA!


Sheila said...

You are so dang funny Brenda! I love it.
NUD? who'd have thunk?
What will GP do on his day off?
Have a wonderful day~

Kaaren said...

If I were a betting woman and someone asked me to bet on who posted this, I would have won hands down!!!

You are too funny, my friend. Love your sense of humor!

Needled Mom said...

Who knew?????

Meredith said...

I needed a laugh. Thank you. Speaking of GP and the previous movies post. Have you tried Netflix. They have movies plus you can stream watch certain ones. I understand it is not the same as a movie experience but at least he could see different movies. They have so many choices.


My question is ..
are they giving GP a case of t heir underwear?? They should..!!
anyway I'd vote for GP to have the day off in honor of his day..


Susan said...

Just stopped by for a visit and I love your blog. Thank you for sharing such great ideas.
Have a wonderful day...

Fiber Babble said...

Awww, you're safe for awhile. National Chicken Day WAS July 9th.

You've also dodged the bullet - National FRIED Chicken Day was July 6.

And National Dance Like a Chicken Day was May 14.

Believe it or not, part of my duties at work is to know this kind of stuff. ;-)

Today is National Waffle Day and also National Mustard Day. But for your purposes, you might let GP know that it's National Work Like a Dog Day. So, quitcher lollygaggin' !

Christine said...

I have actually ordered from Fresh Pair and love their free shipping , selection and service!!! I sound like a comercial for them!!

Patty said...

Whoo Hoo! pull out the tightie whities, fly the boxers, let's all get a little fresh! :^)

Rosa Robichaud said...

Karma or Kismet?!?!?

Who'd a thunk, eh?


Thanks for sharing!!!!!

*with a silly grin on her face*

Jenny said...

Funny Brenda. I've ordered from there before. It's such a funny name!