Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Gazing!

Do you know who that is? No, not Joanna, the other one... That's Kaffe Fassett and yes, that's me! Some of you might not know this but Joanna is a serious KF groupie, OMG! She is so funny, she has his books, she has loads and LOADS of his fabrics and is she weren't married and he were not otherwise "committed", well, let's just say she'd be parked in his driveway, LOL! Well, she found out through some grapevine that he was coming to Nashua and that was it, she was "all over that" like a bee on honey. I of course, was invited by her, but I think it was just a precautionary measure; just in case she passed out or needed some fanning. I did pack some smelling salts, just in case....LOL!
I have to tell you that it was being sponsored by Westminster Fabrics and Rowan Yarns but it really wasn't all about knitting or quilting. It was about color, inspiration and finding your mojo. This designer is so NOT about quilting and fabrics. He is all about art, and perspective. It was one of the best lectures I have EVER been to. It was inspiring. And by the time we left, I wanted to go buy myself some wool and make myself a sweater too! Who knew you could actually paint, quilt and knit? Hello! I don't knit...what's up with that? I need sonething to do while I wait for the Lunesta to kick in, LOL!
Oh, and I was a total hit with my bright and bold print shirt... I was a primitive lover in disguise...I was disguised as a Kaffe Chick! See how I match the quilt? And see how my shoes match my shirt? Oh, T-Choco has taught me well! And both Kaffe and his sidekick Brandon Mably (Studio Manager of Kaffe Fassett Studio in London England) had nice things to say about my shirt, BM actually came up to me and asked me where I had purchased it (Lane Bryant, ladies!), and if it was new ("Well yes, I just bought it yesterday!").I thought that was so funny. It took me a minute to realize this "guy's" sweater looked just like the ones on the manequins on display all around the room, duh! I think I didn't notice his accent because I was with Joanna and after a while with her you just don't even notice the accent here we are, Hey, I had already given him all my shopping tips, he just had to let me take a pic. Oh, and get this, he was posing and when we walked up for our pics he embraced us and there were "OH, we didn't get hugs" from the masses, it was just so funny. We can't help it if we're cute! LOL! It was just a fun time all around.
Now you know, even if you're a primitive lover...there is always something to be learned so step out of your comfort zone and go see the designers when they hit your neighborhood, I bet you too will have a great time.
Thanks Joanna for inviting me, and for remembering to take the camera so we could document ourselves, among the stars! LOL!


trash said...

Get you being all friendly with the stars!! He should be so grateful you were willing to share your shopping tips with him ;-)

Can we expect to see you taking up knitting now too? I can only imagine the fabulousness that would flow from your needles!

btw is that a new haircut? v.v. cute style.


I just bouth a skein of Kaffe's yarn, it is so WOWEE! I mean, I HAD to have something of his, and I just love his fabrics and now I can get lost in the yarn. I'm crocheting a baseball type cap, really cute, and the colors are coming on like a surprise party.
What fun for you to meet these guys.

Joanna said...

It was so much fun!!!!!! You are right, probably the best lecture I've ever been to as well. Amazing! We are such star-gazers lol!!!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, that smile on your face says it all. So glad you had a great time. I guess you will have to take up knitting?

Julie said...

Wow, Brenda. I don't know how I missed this post. I love KF too! I have a small collection of his fabric. I think he is really cool. Tell Joanna that you can buy his fabric at Mary Jo's in North Carolina for $6 a yard!!!