Saturday, July 18, 2009

Proof of Life...

Have you seen that movie? Well if you haven't you should; it really is a good movie and when I went to upload the pictures from my little stash I came across this short film (well I did have to call it something!) on my camera and it reminded me of that film... I can only guess that GP was filming his favorite star, again. I can't tell you how many pictures I find of this little troublemaker in my camera. It seems like we have pics of her sleeping, snoring, laying down, pretending to be awake...but this one is different. In this one she is actually guess is it was dinnertime, LOL!


Anyway, I just thought it was funny...because it's so short (One second...any shorter and it would have been a picture!) and because it's in Black and white... Oh, my budding film maker... and his star, LOL! Enjoy!


Strlady said...

You see! I knew there was a story behind the video! LOL!

Sheri Howard said...

That is second less and it would be a photo!!!