Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wool Crazy Pincushion Update

Today was Round Robin Reveal Day. Take a look at what Pat added to my pincushion. Isn't it sweet??? I just love it!You've already seen mine because I couldn't keep a secret if my life depended on it, LOL! You can see mine HERE.
And go check out the others too:
Pat Sloan (Ok, so I ruined her surprise but she has a fun post , so go and check it out), JoAnn Mullaly (don't forget she wrote the book Wool Crazy, she knows what she's doin'!) and Roseann Kermes (who just happened to come up with the cacamamey idea and still hasn't posted her picture...ahem! I'm just sayin'!), check back for hers...or should I start send her hints on Facebook ? I'm so bad! LOL!
Did you "Like" me on Facebook??? Well, I have a little button on the sidebar! Hello? I'm so fancy now I even have a Facebook page, so don't forget to "Like" me, now that there are no "Fans" just "likers", LOL!
Back to "work" for me. I want to have something to show tomorrow but I have to finish cutting some kits before the fun begins. You're going to love my new project so come back soon! B=)
Update: Candy Corn Forrest pic posted on Facebook...


Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is adorable. I love it so far. I think this is a neat idea you guys are doing.

WoolenSails said...

Love seeing what each one of you adds.
Are you having fun with your ipad?
I think I saw 50 commercials, tonight, lol.


Sheila said...

I'm impressed with everyone's talent! I'm going to have to try a small project and start yet another craft! I'm not a quilter but admire all of you talented ladies who are!
Blessings to all~

Barb said...

Love it!!

Jess said...

How Cute!! I love the candy corn!! and the Boot is cute too :o)

Jenny said...

That is super cute! You are a very talnted lady!