Monday, June 29, 2009

VTQF, almost done...

Did you know I am a Bunny Hill Bunny? Well, yes Iam! I'm a Bunny Hill groupie and even belong to one of her "fan clubs", LOL! The only thing is, I have never made Anne Sutton's hallmark/trademark quilt, Baltimore Bunnies, and probably never will... but I've gotten over that fact and now I just make a point of showing my "loyalty" to the ladies who have slaved for hours upon hours at this little wonder by documenting my "sightings" as we call them.

Here is my VTQF Bunny Hill sighting!

Are you a Bunny Hill fan? You too can be a groupie... email me for more info.

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Strlady said...

HEy! More Bunnies!