Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Initials Are The Best!

Why the picture shows us a purple quilt, well, I guess it's just one of life's mysteries...this quilt is NOT purple! But I took five pictures and they all came out the same color so I'm just going with it, hahaha. Look this is the right color, but you can't see all the quilting so the close up is so you can see the quilting, ignore the colors!

Well, this is a little initial quilt that Joanna made for me on my Birthday, no not FOR my birthday, but yes, ON my Birthday! It has the cutest little punpkins as you can see and it is quilted to read Pumpkins on all four sides.

So the story here is that Joanna makes Initial blocks for every ocassion under the sun. And I was going to call her and give her grief because it was my Birthday; and ahem! I think it's MY TURN to get a little initial, LOL! The thing was, I got all caught up in calling her to harass her into baking me a cake (great minds do think alike, she was "on it" before I started giving her grief!), that I just forgot to give her grief about the initial so when she presented the gift, I just could not stop laughing, the woman is psychic. She had a good laugh too, seeing how she was baking the cake while I was telling her that she had to tell her husband to stop at the supermarket to buy some ice cream to serve up with the cake that she surely should be baking instead of hanging out on the computer, LOL!

She did bake a cake...and it was soooo good. It was a box cake, just like TSandy used to make...but she made the frosting herself, it was delicious. Oh, and Roland did buy the Ice Cream too. How sweet was that? Oh, it was just too perfect!

Thanks for all your hard work Joanna, you made my day extra special!


trasha said...

does that mean it is your birthday today? Happy Birthday to you!

TJessy said...

Thats really Cute! I was a little worried when I saw the colors on the first picture! lol NICE Quilting Job!

Sheri Howard said...

Darling pillow! Thanks for sharing!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Happy Birthday!!! (I think!) It was your birthday, correct?:> )
What a wonderful gift and that pic of you is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Happy Birthday and what a cute little quilt - hope your cake was great :).


WoolenSails said...

Well Happy Birthday then!
What a nice gift and your favorite subject.
Love the pillow you got too.