Monday, June 29, 2009

He's Swimming!

The sun FINALLY came out this afternoon. I was on the phone with a customer when all of a suddden I hear GP Yelling,"I'm over here!" and I practically jumped out of my skin and ran to find out who he was talking to and why he was talking to someone when he was supposed to be in the living room. Well, I'll have you know that he was yelling at ME and letting me know that he had stripped off his clothes,found his gear and was swimming in the freezing pool! LOL!So I did what any mom would do, I ran inside and got the camera to take a pic. I took the first one of the garden and then I took the one above. By then he had figured out I was taking his pic and he comes over to investigate..."why are you taking pictures?" and I told him, "because Gene Paul is a really good swimmer!" and he just splashed away! LOL!
He's so funny in his swimming gear...the snorkel was not in use today. hahaha!

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