Friday, June 26, 2009

It's NOT looking good for the Holiday Weekend!

Call me crazy but I think the 4th of July is the Official "Get off your BUTT and snap into Summer mode" day. If you don't have the Summer spirit by the 4th, it's all downhill from there.

So, I have cleaned the pool,

hired a crew to clear the backyardand loaded up on bug spray.Now mind you, I am STILL dealing with the flood issues, still some debris in the yard for the insurance guy but I am a woman on a mission.
I will NOT let the Spring flood ruin my Summer.

But tell me if this is not a deal breaker; it's rained, stormed or been otherwise too cold to even think of getting into the pool and now, check out my extended forecast:
Jul 01
High 74°F
Low 60°F
Precip 40
Jul 02
Scattered T-Storms
High 76°F
Low 60°F
Precip 40 %
Jul 03
Scattered T-Storms
High 80°F
Low 61°F
Precip 60 %
Jul 04
Scattered T-Storms
High 79°F
Low 60°F
Precip 60 %
HELLO! Will someone tell me when the heck I'm going to get a break here? Did I mention we haven't used the pool ONCE this Summer??? Just checking. Now PLMK if you want my address, I do like cheese with my whine, so you are welcome to send me some. LOL!

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Joanna said...

I am done with the rain too, and I'm a rain lover. And I am also about 98% better now! No more thank you!