Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring Runner, Done!

I'm working here!~ I dont know how I could have possibly forgotten to take a pic of this Table runner before I shipped it out, but I did. This picture was sent to me by Sandy (AHEM, who just happened to make it look really dark and dreadful), but somehow managed to send me some really bright and beautiful pictures of her own quilt! HMMM. Foul play? I have a sneaky suspicion.... I'm just sayin'... go take a look at her pics and then come'll see!
Anyway, This is a quilt I started in TX, in the Spring and then was set aside as Life just smacked me down with crisis after crisis, after crisis.
Well, as I reclaim my life back I am working diligently at using my "free" time to complete the projects that have been waiting since the Spring crisis began. This is project #2, HA!
I would give credit to the designer (even if I did make it much wider than the pattern, to fit my sister's table...hey, there's another could be quilt envy! This one is TJessy's and Sandy could be jealous. HMMM. What do you think??? Yeah, Sandy could be making mine look bad because I didn't gift it to her...bad sister, bad!) LOL! But for the life of me, I can't find the pattern to see who designed it, duh!
I think it's precious, It really is cute...the colors are not bright or bold, but simple and sweet. TJessy cut the strips and I pieced it, quilted it by hand and appliqued the flowers by machine. I really love it but next time I am machine quilting, even if it turns out wonky. This is the quilt that peeled my prints off. LOL! Now it's done and home at last...Woo-HOO!

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