Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Resolutions...

OK, so I'm giving up on the resolutions... I'm going to take it one week at a time and see how that works out for me, LOL!
This week I had to find something cool for my two drawing "crashers" I found some great pincushions I had started and Whala! I have my Second and Third Prizes.; woo-hoo! Well, I still have some buttons to go on the last one but at least I can mail this one out to TSandy when I mail Trashalou's ... hey, you think they'll deliver that little quilt to another country without a name? I think not; I need a name to go with that address Miss Trashalou!
Here's TSandy's pincushion. Oh, I forgot to take a pic of the back, it's quilted and everything...I'm so fancy, LOL! And look, those eyes are French Knots that TSandy taught me how to make when I was in TX. Now isn't she going to be happy she taught me how to make those so I could add them to this ever so cool pincushion? I certainly do think she will be proud of my little knots. She marveled at how I could take a perfectly good knot and make it disappear when I pulled on the needle. It was like magic...but she finally figured out what I was doing wrong and taught me how to make them actually show up on my work. She's a genius! LOL!
Now I have to finish Joanna's . No pics until it's done. I'm babysitting next weekend so I'll hand deliver it... pics to follow.
But while I was talking about pincushions I have to show you one that I received from Amy, for taking part in the cupcake block swap. Isn't it cute???? It's soft and mushy, like a little bean bag.I love it!


wonderwoman said...

i love the little sheep design, its gorgeous!
trashy's in Aus at the mo having a lovely time - keeps reminding me how warm it is over there!!


Strlady said...

I LOVE it!! It's sooo cute! And it MINE! (insert evil laugh here)