Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Workshop Sneak Peek!

The Summer Workshops are already in progress at the Cotton Spice Blog. I'm working on my project which will be posted next Wednesday and thought I'd post a sneak peek of this morning's progress, along with a picture of my inspiration piece. My Treenware grain scoop is still a work in progress but it took weeks of tweaking the design to get it just right. It's basecoated and has the first shading and highlights on there, but it is truly more than a couple of hours away from being finished (So nicely put, if I should say so myself, LOL! You really must paint to appreciate my humor...or watched me paint, I'm so picky! ) Anyway, I just love the way the crow landed on that pumpkin with the oak leaf and acorn so I thought I'd adapt it to make a wonderful fall candle mat/table warmer. =)


mysteryhistorymom said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pumpkin and the crow and the painting!!! Halloween here we come!:-) Lori

trashalou said...

Your pumpkin is painted? I hope so, I have spent sooooooooo much time trying to find bloggers who paint. I am now smiling :-)

trashalou said...

In our painting group we call that time-filling touching up and finishing off 'titivating'. Oh the hours I can spend titivating on a piece at the end of which CK always says 'Well I don't see anything different!'