Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Charming Bouquet for me!

Look what I made, a little Bouquet of flowers from Hemming House Charm squares. I have wanted to make this cutie (only 14" sq.) for a long time but those flying geese blocks on the border were just too complicated looking for my "beginner" skill level. Well, I bit the bullet as they say and was pleasantly surprised to find they were no harder than making half square triangles. It is worth noting though, that I did not stress about the points matching up perfectly to the edge of the border...but all things considered, I think I did a pretty spiffy job, if I must say so myself! LOL!!! Oh, and I hand quilted it, in the ditch, all in an afternoon! Can you believe it?! Woo-HOO!!!


TJessy said...

Cute! Nice summer colors.

Strlady said...

Yeah!! You have overcome your fear and seen success! Great Job!